Sweet Spot Training Outdoors

i have a long climb that im able to do, consistent incline around 8% average over 30 km. My question is this- would it serve as effective training to complete this at a sweetspot intensity in one session or better to break up into 3, 4 or more sweetspot intervals of perhaps 20’ or 30’ each with 5-7’ rest?

i guess that one session of 2-3 hrs climbing would need to be dialled down a bit below sweetspot zone.


Depends on your goals and your FTP.

If your weakness is power in the 60-120 minute range, riding at the lower end of sweetspot continuously up the climb will probably be better for your goals.

If your weakness is holding your FTP (e.g. you can only ride at FTP for 35-40 minutes continuously), then working on extending interval duration closer to FTP will be more fruitful. (3x20, 2x30, 1x60 at 95% etc)

Make sense?


What climb is this, that is 2400m of climbing in one go, which is insane.

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my mistake, its around 5%. i guessed it in the original post. Mt Lemmon, AZ.

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yes, thanks