Sweet Spot Progression

why doing a SS block then when you don’t want the effects of it?

Sorry, but you could apply this mindset to any training type…

  • Why bother doing base/ Z2 if you lose top end?

  • Why do anaerobic work if it negates aerobic work capabilities via increased VLA max?

Everything exists in balance, and volume and time required will depend on your events. But aren’t most cycling endeavours aerobic?


Exactly. Sweetspot with bursts/accelerations is a great workout that touches both systems.

I do want the effects of it, and maybe that didn’t come across clearly.

I saw huge benefits over the last 18mths focusing on these SST blocks, and having previously ONLY had big anaerobic/sprint power, this has complimented things very nicely.


I see a lot of people doing longer tempo (between LT1 & SST) efforts after vo2max workouts. I think for such a case it’s very nice to use it so the glycolytic system gets a bit dampened again after the vo2 work.

I have decided to embark on a SST block having just come off some HVLIT to kick off my season. I have responded well to SST in the past so hoping to do the same this time. I recognised last season that my TTE and Fatigue Resistance is not great so I am hopeful that this dedicated SST block pushing out to 1x90 at 90% over a 5 week period will go someway to helping with this also.

I have read through the invaluable comments in this thread and gleaned as much information as possible - thank you to everyone who has contributed - and, combined with some WKO webinars, put my plan together for the block. I kicked off with the KM Baseline Test to check FTP and TTE and got underway last week with the following progression in mind:

Now, this initial progression has felt comfortable. At the start of Wk2 I have just completed my first 2x30 at 90% (with 3 mins of recovery interval between) with my HR for each interval below 85% MaxHR, but the thought of stepping up to 1x60 at 90% next week currently seems daunting.

Would I best best to just crack on and trust I have the ability, or should I do the first of my Wk3 workouts at 85% to ‘get a feel’ for it? Alternatively, rather than going to 1x60 do I add in something different next week?

In case it matters, weekly schedule as follows (somewhere in region of 700-800 TSS in this block):

M: Rest
T: SST Progression
W: 90m z2
T: SST Progression
F: 90m z2
S: Group Ride (mixed bag but 4hrs in saddle)
S: 3-4hr z2

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

It purely mental. If you have done 2x30 with 3 min brake that means you could do 1x60 physically without much problem.

If you want more confidence, do 2x40 and then 1x60 - then you go to the workout knowing that is way less work you are able to do.


…or just reduce to a 1 min or 1.5 min break - in reality that makes pretty much zero difference to one continuous interval except for the mental break.


Most of the 1xXXmin workouts I did started as 3x30 and then I just HTFUed in the middle of it and did a 1x90, for example.

When you’re talking about 90min of SST work, the six minutes of break is almost entirely for your mental benefit.


My sweetspot seems to have progressed pretty explosively acc to AT :smiley:


hi guys, for those now doing SSB what is your take on AT?

To be quite honest I think it involves more manual adjustments than before.
I have completed SSB1 HV for which I manually adjusted intensity mid-way through the plan because the starting level was too low and finished at approx 9.

From now on however the prospect is rather daunting and I will dial down some of the intra-weekly workouts to achieve something in between last year’s plan (standard one) and AT.

I am also not quite so sure as to why the workout library is not so comprehensive as the AT plan would keep proposing Deception which includes sprints before the intervals. Or maybe the issue is just with me because I do not feel like entertaining these workouts indoor.

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Thanks @jarsson, @Bigpikle and @kurt.braeckel - I completed the second 2x30 @ 90% this morning without any problems so I am just going to have a crack at the 1x60 @ 90% next week and see how I fare. I will report back!


go for it - dont be scared of a little backpedal if you need to. You’ll smash it.

Then its the 1 x 100 target for you! :wink:


at that point I might be inclined to go longer if your ultimate goal is 90 minutes of sweet spot.


what is your HR like? Push a couple percentage points up

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Why harder he can go longer? If harder then threshold would be better. There would be no difference between 90% and 92% in terms of adaptations, just more fatigue and shorter TiZ


90% just seems low for SS which is why I asked about HR stability, I’m usually closer to 95% for up to 60 mins TIZ, if you refer to Cusick’s progression PPT(slide 32), his opinion is that most people only need to do up to 60 mins until like the cat1/pro level

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You should do as much as elicit adaptations for you, not as much as some arbitrary number. If you follow Cusick his mantra is always be pushing and always be progressing. The other thing is when to stop doing one thing and move to other thing. But if you are working on muscle endurance and aerobic base you push. For someone 2x20 will be plenty, for other people, with different physiology 2x40 will be basic workout. If 95% works for you - great, i have also used 95% in later stages of base. So there is a time and place for everything.

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When I’m targeting long 90-180 minute climbs, those are usually completed at high tempo = 85-90%. In that context I like to progress out to a longer 90-120 minute single interval. Ultimately it comes back to what you are targeting.

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If i’m reading @ojtCycling chart right their TTE at FTP is low, in the 30-40 min range. If they had a TTE over 60 mins I could see the benefit of going to 90 mins of TiZ but pushing the power up for <60min TiZ would provide more benefit.

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