Sweet Spot Progression

Endurance rides probably 65%; I’ll ride by feel and RPE most likely. Tempo rides between 75-85% extending the duration. SST I start at 90% and usually stay there until I get to the TiZ I want, then add things like hard starts, bursts, over-unders, and/or raise up to 92-94% during an FTP build. Progressions I’ll have to build out. I don’t do any micro-planning much more than two weeks out. I’d guess I’ll start both tempo and SST progressions at 60 min TiZ (tempo sustained, SST 3x20 or so).

Just sitting down to plan out my off-season right now. I’m overall really happy with the results of the SST work I did this year, and the progression I was able to accomplish both getting out to 100min of SST in a 2hr ride and being able to consistently nail 2x25min @ Threshold with the protocol we discussed in here was a real game changer for me.
My endurance has been levels above what it was in prior years, and when coupled with the targetted VO2 weeks I had a very good season and results (albeit limited racing).

Heading into the fall I think I’m taking a similiar approach to @anthonylane and going to smash on that supra-threshold work a little more at like 105-108% to really push up my FTP a bit more, now that I have the aerobic capacity. I’m also going to keep a 3hr z2 only ride in my schedule over the winter as those adaptions are great for longer RR’s when other people start falling off.