Sweet Spot Base Mid-Volume 2

Master rider here: age 49 with history of fairly consistent training over the last 15 years.

I know this topic has been written about on this forum and people have noted that Coach Chad was working on modification to TR programs for masters.

Personally, 5 on weeks (base) is too much for me and I have found that I must modify my TR plan and insert recovery weeks more frequently.

Q: Why has there NOT been any modifications for master riders yet? Are we a user base that is very small ? I don’t think I should have to pay for training but then completely modify my training because the default is way too stressful.

Q: When Coach Chad designed the programs, what age range did he have in mine for completing the training as stated? What I mean is : where is the master cutoff ? 35, 40, 45 ? At what age does the Sweet Spot Mid -Volume Base 1&2 become too hard to finish as written?

I really enjoy the TR platform, the podcasts, the community, ECT, but please help us Master riders out sooner than later.


The podcast has given advice on how to do this a few times, add week 6 between week 3/4 and you might find it easier.

That’ll depend on your personal circumstances, genetics, recovery, nutrition, other life stress - I don’t think TR could give a “one-size fits all” answer to this.

Hi Fellow masters… well 56 pushing 57.
I have over the last year been reading a lot and using TR platform for my training and seen great improvements, on the MV plans but i found i was doing only 4 rides. I read the Joe Friel book Faster after 50 and it does indicate that we do not recover as well as younger riders. We may need to moving to an 8 or 9 day plan. Not so good if we work on a seven day plan and have our long rides planned at the weekend, but need to work around that.

I have now switched out some sweetspot rides to Long Tempo rides (2 1/2 hours at 75-80% FTP) and am back to 5 days a week. I am fueling on the indoor rides with 2:1 High Branched cyclic dextrin and Fructose that does seem to help with my recovery, i have also added some dates post exercise and a protein shake too.

I think TR designed for racing even Grand Fondo plans stick in lots of Sweetspot/ Threshold and Over unders when all i want is to be able to finish a 400Km event

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you are making the mistake of believing that all masters can somehow be lumped together. I am 53 and have no problem with ssmv. Everyone ages differently and also genetically can handle varied amounts of stress. If you want a program absolutely specific to your needs, you’re going to pay a LOT more then you pay for you monthly subscription.


@mcneese.chad has a great layout somewhere on this forum to help break up the ssb2.


Is a masters rider 50…or 55…or 65…or 95… too manyvariables to make a plan for everyone. Think of TR plans as a darn good start point but then flex as required (which is pretty easy with the calendar.).
Personally I need much longer sweetspot intervals (regularly do 2x40mins or longer) than TR provide soon substitute them in. Others wouldn’t want that.

TR is great start point for most people, but TR is not a private personal coach so people (in my view) should be willing to flex/change stuff as required.

Personally (although I change some stuff) think TR do top job

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