Sweet Spot Base HV plan changed?

For the past 2 years i have done TR training plans over the winter, then just ridden unstructured in spring/summer/fall months. Both times I did SSHV 1 & 2.

I started looked at scheduling this year’s Base phase and i noticed that SSHV is now quite different. Looks like weekly TSS is lower? Different workouts with shorter interval lengths?

Why is this?
How do people like it?
Anyone recreating the old plan instead?

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Thanks! that explains a lot
I guess I wasn’t really paying attention when all this was announced.

Still curious how people are getting along with the reduced TSS, and if anyone is still doing the old versions?

Here are a couple threads with discussion and some experiences to share:

@mcneese.chad, most esteemed and valued moderator:

Off topic, but a question that I’ve often pondered: how do you come up with such good suggestions about relevant threads, so quickly? A magic memory? A secret search algorithm? A Machine Learning implementation?

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Use the search function at the top of the forum.

Yup, search tool is the key. I wrote a guide on the simple and advanced ways to use it.

Coupled with that is my OCD level work of assigning Categories to all topics whenever possible. That helps with filtering results in the search tool.

And even though I don’t participate in all topics, I see enough of them to remembering basic discussion and often see repeat ones, so that leads me to search and see if I can link or merge as appropriate.

How is that for too long of an answer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, @mcneese.chad and @MI-XC.