Sustained Power Build High Volume --- too hard?

I finished it, without reducing the efforts ever. And was definitely looking forward to the recovery week. Ramp tests by TR for FPT, and no structured work for decades before. Afterwards, the next ramp test only went up 2% I am hoping the next one I take (in a week) shows the stress was worth the effort, but took time to show as performance. In the 1st half of the specialty phase, I am increasing the workouts regularly by 5% or more, except the recovery days. With the SSB, I found that I always was adding volume, but the SPB, I couldn’t do it. 42, fully employed, and trying to homeschool an elementary kid. No training for a long time prior, and generally getting back into performance shape. Getting on the bike early (between 4&5) and pushing hard keeps me sane.

Damn kids always ruin everything.

They should be sent back into the womb for hibernation until things return to normal.