Supra threshold/VO2 workout during A Priority Race Week

So AT has Adams scheduled on Tuesday before my Sunday 70.3. It will be difficult, but I am able to pass the workout. My question is regarding how wise it would be to actually complete this workout. My A race is on Sunday. While I understand maintaining some intensity with shorter workouts during taper week is beneficial, this seems like a bit of a stretch. Anyone have insight? Thanks in advance.

When I talk about intensity during a race week, it’s race-specific intensity in small doses. So your goal race pace/power on the bike and run, and in small doses like 10-15 total minutes. VO2max? No. Not for a 70.3.

On your swim, if you need to expend some effort to get onto good feet, yeah, you can train a few sharper starts, but IMO that level of intensity on the bike or run on the week of an A race is inappropriate.


Thx Kurt. Good to know I’m not completely clueless :). My thinking as well. Appreciate the comments.

@Kevinsmithwfu I think it’s up to you…sometimes it’s ok to schedule a workout like that if the athlete needs the confidence. Based on your calendar maybe you should err more on the side of over RECOVERY than over TRAINING.

Maybe just try to maintain frequency so you don’t drop blood volume. A couple 5 minute threshold intervals would probably do the trick just as well.