Supacaz Kazze Shoes on sale

Anyone own the Supacaz Kazza shoes? Thoughts on fit, quality, and performance? They are marked down for President’s Day here in the US quite a bit and look interesting.

“interesting” is a nice way of putting it haha

Did you ever buy a pair? I took a chance on the oil slick reflective ones, since they’re 50% off right now. Can’t find much info, hopefully I won’t regret it.

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I’ve liked mine and haven’t had any issues with them. They will turn a few heads, but that’s part of the fun with cycling gear :wink:

I use to have a business selling fizik and I became pretty aware of a majority of brands offerings. I checked out supacaz shoe the last time it was on 50% sale. Shoe was heavy, upper material felt cheap and sizing was off based on the listing size. Like all supacaz things you buy it for how it looks not its quality. So far I’ve been disappointed by everything from supacaz including tubeless valves, gloves and tape. It all looks really good but performs awfully.

For the same price buy some other brands bottom end shoe and you’ll have something better.

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