New Road Shoes High End

Hi, im going to buy a new high road shoes. I´m between Sidi Shot 2 or S-works 7. Whats your opinion?

Should i look other brands like DMT?

Both great shoes but, the shoe that is the most comfortable for you should drive your purchase.


Bike fitters around me try and avoid s works due to the unnatural forefoot posting (canted to the outside). Similarly knit shoes as little foot stability.

Lake cx403’s if you’re bling!

DMT knit - I bought a set of the dual knob XC ones a couple of year ago. Unless you have super narrow feet, they will break your feet in a season.

  1. They are probably the narrowest shoes on the market.
  2. There wasn’t any side support in the toe “box”, so it was a toe “triangle”. It’s more of a bag, so it just abuses the top of your toe knuckles. If you leave the adjustment slightly loose, your foot moves around a bunch; too tight and your foot gets destroyed from the inside.
  3. It’s impossible to get the shoe without it tugging your sock in a painful way.
  4. There isn’t room for an insole other than the one provided. The arch is pre-molded.
  5. They are SUPER vented, so I hope it is 85f+ outside or you’ll be the only one wearing toe covers when it’s 80f outside.
  6. The knit fabric holds a lot of dirt.

I have not tried Fizik or Giros version, but I assume they have the same dirt/venting issue.

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I love my Fizik Stablitas.

Yep, hear the same on DMT’s that they are super narrow (and really they look it just in online images). If you have wide feat Bont’s are really good. Had them for a while and the heating/customization thing is cool (though not perfect).
I like Sidi’s and have used them for years. If they fit you, great. I’ve been eying up Suplest for a while too. if you are looking for a highend shoe my thought would be not to go super mainstream (like Sidi, even thought they are higher end, they are common) and go with a unique brand like DMT, Suplest, fizik there’s more! At the end of the day its what fits you best…i really want a set of DMT’s but i bet they won’t fit my wide, aging foot.
I just had a series of Vittorias that have failed for the last time and have never had good luck with Giro’s (quality sucks). I have a set of Rapha Climbers that refuse to die. I had a set of Mavics (the bight Yellow ones) that i loved but cant find the same model anymore… IDK search around and see what else is out there instead of just mainstreamed brands, you might be supprised and wont blend in in an already homogenized peloton,

I love the newest specialized shoes. The toe box is super roomy, I didn’t realize how great it would be. I’m a long time sidi user, and the spec are superior

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The Lake CX 332s I picked up a few months ago are one of the best cycling purchases I’ve made in a long time! These replaced the high-end Gaernes I had prior, which were also good shoes but not nearly as supple and too narrow for my feet.

I’ve never been a fan of the way SIDi shapes their shoes in the toe box. Of those two, I would pick the Spesh 10 times out of 10.

Fizik Infinito R1

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The new S-Works Torch are the most comfortable road cycling shoes I’ve had. Only problem is that I got them in white and am constantly cleaning them trying to keep them white!

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I have S-Works 7 in Wide, and they are hard to fault. Despite having used them for hundreds of hours, there is very little wear (just one or two spots show a little rub and the sole has use marks, mainly because I had to walk home for 18 km, because I had a flat in a very unfortunate spot and didn’t have my saddle bag on me (the bike was a loaner).

Recently, I got a pair of Bont Riot+ MTB (again, wide feet), and after a breaking in period, they are really nice, too. (The Bonts are not their high-end ones, but the sole is AFAIK either shared between the two or at least very close.) In terms of stiffness, the two are super close. Off the foot, I cannot tell a difference (Bont uses a unique “bathtub sole”, and this increases stiffness significantly). On the shoe, I think the Bonts have a slightly thinner sole, at least I can feel a slight difference when really putting the pedal to the metal. The road version will likely have a smaller difference as road cleats spread the force over a larger area.

Shimano S-Phyre RC902 !!
I have two pairs of this model. Before that, I had a model RC900
I also tried Sworks shoes, but they didn’t suit me and they’re not that comfortable.


Or Lake CX241 if there’s any kind of pre-existing foot issues.

Everything is personal and I encourage you to try different brands if you can but these certainly get my vote. I have a wider front foot and narrow ankle and they work for me :man_shrugging:

I purchased all the top end shoes from Specialized, Sidi, Giro, Lake, Fizik, Shimano to try and these came out on top.

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My advice would be if possible go to a shop that stocks a wide range of shoe brands and has a fitter who can do custom insoles and advise on which shoes are a good match with your foot shape. The likes of Sidi, Lake, Specialised, Shimano all make great shoes and I suspect there is very little to choose between their high end models in terms of weight, stiffness, build quality and other performance measures. The differences in their shoe shape and fit are going to have a much bigger impact on you.


S works Torch.

Same. For my foot, the Shimano has the best fit of all those brands. I’d love to try a Bont shoe, but US stores don’t carry them and ordering directly from Bont was a special order with a long wait time.

I do have one downside to the S-Phyre shoes, and that is that they are a bit warmer than most shoes. I may only notice it because I live where it’s very hot though.

I’ve got Sidi Shot 2… (about 18months old)

I like the fact that a lot of the parts are replaceable… not that i’ve had to replace anything as of yet.

I ordered a pair of Bonts and they arrived within 4 days, I believe, 5 tops. The shoes shipped from China to Japan. Their return policy is good, too. If in doubt, chat with them and they’ll help you size your shoes. I wish I had done this, when I told them I had S-Works in 43 Wide, they immediately recommended 44 Wide. That was one size bigger than what I got from measuring my feet.

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