Recommended me some gloves

I have a couple of pairs of road gloves that are just about done-zo. Looking for some recommendations for comfortable gloves with really good padding that don’t cost and arm and a leg.

Following this.

I really like these ones for the few times that I use gloves.

The Dual Gel really absorbs a lot of vibrations, as well is placed good so regardless on where you rest your hand, you’ve got some padding.

Personally I think of gloves as consumable products and don’t notice a difference between the “name brand” versions and the cheap Amazon versions. Thus, I usually order a few different pairs of $10-$15 gloves on Amazon (all with free returns), pick the one that fits me the best, and return the rest.

I usually use the specialized grail on road. The padding is in the palm hollow instead of the balls of hand so the interface between hand and bar is thinner, if that makes sense. It’s not as forgiving as the gel gloves above but it strikes a nice balance on chipseal or better for giving a little padding but still feeling very connected to the road feel and having some palm protection if pavement happens…