Suggestions for Road Tyres (Tires) for Winter Road Bike

Hi Everyone

This winter I am planning on using my Cyclocross bike for road riding over the dark, damp, horrible, wet British Winter and would like to know which road tyres people are using/recommend for this purpose.

I currently use Schwalbe Racing Ralphs 33in for tracks/trails/offroad riding but would like something with less rolling resistance (still want to go at a decent pace) yet big and comfortable as I will only be using them on tarmac and will swap back to the Racing Ralphs when I go off road.

Has anyone got any suggestions… many thanks.


GP5000 in 32mm

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I’d go with these🤪


Panaracer gravel kings 32, file tread

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Not directly answering your question but, I can’t see past the Conti 4 Seasons. I’ve had the same set on my winter bike for three years and they’ve been faultless.


Clinchers or tubeless?

There is a recent thread on tubeless winter tyres a bit further down.

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+1 for the Conti 4Seasons👍


Clinchers… cheers

Conti 4 Season in the largest size that fits for you +3

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another vote for conti 4 seasons. I actually left them on the bike this summer as I didn’t see them that much worse than the 4000’s that I took off!

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Pirelli Cinturato Velo’s.
Great durability, rolling resistance, grip and they go up to 35mm.

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4 season are my winter tyres of choice, I just feel a bit more confident on them than others but that is mostly because they are known to be good more than me pushing them to find out.

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panaracer gravelking, awesome tyres. They do a slick or slightly treaded version. I commuted on the 43s on my cross bike last winter in the UK and they were brilliant. Might as well go as wide as you can and they’ll perform well offroad too unless its muddy

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Many thanks for your suggestions/advice… plenty of options to choose from… thanks guys. 🖒


Anybody recommend some good winter tyres I need to save some weight on the winter bike. Had the 1st ride on it at the weekend and got left behind

Also does anybody know any good gloves and overshoes
Thanks chaps

Gloves 2019/20 might be worth a read.

As above Conti 4 seasons are a good balance of puncture resistance while not being prohibitively slow. Gatorskins have better puncture resistance but can be a bit sketchy in the wet in my experience, plus cost you a few more watts and grams if you’re trying to hang onto a fast group ride.

For gloves and overshoes I find the Sealskinz range to be pretty good and with decent waterproofing. Merino socks and glove liners can be a good addition for the really cold days, and the days when it’s wet enough that the water gets in anyway.