Suggested Volume Plan Names - Low, Mid, High

Sure, in the final nuts & bolts, time gets added. Usually 60-90 min workouts in the week, with 90-whatever on the weekend. So the simple days I had, multiplied by the rough workout times in the defaults all add up. I chose just Days to keep it simple. But as ever, the “best” answer is probably both.

Adding for reference, this info is right on the traditional plan options (ad hoc addtion):

If we head down this rabbit hole, we end up quickly at what most people want and asked for, and what Nate acknowledged he wants too. That is to allow people to set the individual days AND allowable time for each of those days to more accurately meet their true needs. Right now, people have to adjust using the Alternates to find workouts with longer or shorter versions to suit their needs.

As we’ve talked about, I think something of a table that allows the same controls we have in Plan Builder, with the addition of time allowance per day, would be ideal overall. This may be possible to adapt to ad hoc plan addition or TR might do something else entirely. Here is just a rough concept I came up with thinking about this right now.