Substitute long ride for short commutes

Can I substitute my long long sunday ride (around 100km) for shorter commutes during the week, 13km each way (so 130km in totalt), an still get about the same training effekt from it?
Usually my long ride isn’t too hard, endurance/zone2 and my commutes would probably be recovery/zone1 (close to zone 2 though).
The thing is, aside from cycling I do run almost every day and it seems one long rides takes a lot more recovery than the 10 short rides, so I Can actually put in another run.
Other than that, i’m basically following sweet spot 1/2 and short power build low volume continously over and over again.
So, aside from getting used to sitting for longer in the saddle, are there any downsides to cutting the long ride and adding 10 shorter rides?

Physiological effects of long slow rides:


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