Strugling with VO2max

I am in build phase reaching my top FTP from last season. Through the course of it for each of VO2max sessions I had to decrease the intensity a bit (1-2%) - today it was Bashful +6 where after 3 intervals I had to go down by 2%.

Since this is the last week I am wondering whether not to replace 1 recovery day with the same session again to catch up on intensity and compensate within recovery week with lighter sessions.

Is that even concern?

Thanks for thoughts.

keep going into recovery. No need to make up those percentage points.


@Vlad that sounds like good work to me! You made it through the workout and the extra endurance work at the end…no need to make up the intensity in my opinion. Better to recover & really nail your next over/under & threshold workouts.

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I wouldn’t worry about a couple % during vo2 intervals as you’re still working the zone and getting most of the desired adaptations. I definitely wouldn’t redo the session.

Vo2max work is tricky and less exact than the sub threshold zones in terms of ones ability to express relative to ones ftp.

Best of luck on your future training

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