Struggling to sleep after threshold workouts

Hello, due to work constraints I tend to train at about 6pm. I regularly struggle to sleep after extended threshold sessions. I don’t have the problem to the same extent with any other type of training sessions, including VO2 max. My legs absolutely buzz and seem to be’awake’, its not an unpleasant sensation, but makes it hard to sleep and will also wake me up.

Any thoughts… extended cool down? massage / stretch? dunno - any detailed advice welcome.

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I often train after 19:00 and find that 15 mins of yoga after the session helps me sleep.

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Yoga is a good shout. I’ll give it a go.

I use an app called Yoga Studio, I just use “beginner flexibility” which has prevented lower back pain which was probably due to tight hamstrings !

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

You could also make sure your device screen light is set as warm as possible to help reduce the blue light impact. I also like to dim any other lights around during the workout as well. After the workout, I try to keep only warm lights on (and dimmed or as few as possible) until bed.

Once the last interval is finished I find a really chill/sleep playlist on Spotify and keep that playing as I spin down and for a bit after I get off the bike. I find that helps my brain slow itself down.

I haven’t tried it, but maybe think about a small amount of melatonin 30 min before bedtime?