Struggles with ISL, plan B

Hi All,

I am in week two of my TR life and have set up my plan. I’ve only been riding for about 6 months now but love it and the structured workouts.

I am finding the ISL sections at the start of day Goddard for example very difficult. I am on erg mode and with the combo of my right leg not appearing as strong as my left and the occasional reclip mess up I end up spinning to slow and coming to a stop. I am only doing a low volume at the moment so have days to play with so I was thinking of just doing some ISL stuff in zwift on a free day and just doing a little in the workout then spinning through the rest of the ISL with 2 feet.

Anyone done anything similar or have some tips as it’s clearly an areas I have massive room for improvement so really want to make sure I get it right.


If you want to continue doing the single leg drills then I would start by toggling off of ERG mode during them. As you’ve seen erg really won’t do well with that kind of un clipping and clipping and just ‘weird’ pedaling. Also, the wattage really doesn’t matter during them. So I would toggle over to resistance mode when those drills come up and then toggle back to erg after and continue the workout.

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I think you’re referring to the one-legged pedaling drills? If so, it sounds like it’s going exactly right. Do what you can for as long as you get something out of it; then switch it up. You’ll see improvements, probably sooner rather than later. A few tips:

  1. Consider going off erg mode and doing it with fairly light resistance; you’re training a motion, not an energy system; the resistance is just something to work against so your leg doesn’t fly off the pedal.

  2. Switch legs often, so whatever you do is done to your best ability. Plus it gives you more practice switching pedals.

  3. Pedal with both legs for 10-15 seconds before switching legs. It’s a good mental break, and it lets you re-establish a fluid spin before unclipping and trying it one-legged for a bit.

Good luck!

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