Struggle to sleep after long days in saddle (6 hours+)

Rode 150km yesterday, average power 50% FTP took a little over six hours. Completed ride at 4:30pm. Nutrition, roller, stretch, shower.

When it came time to sleep I was absolutely buzzing. I’d say it took me three hours to get to ‘sleep’ which was super patchy, weird repetitive dreams. I’d estimate I managed 3-4 hours of actual sleep tops.

This has happened to me a few times after long rides. Anyone else have this experience?

If it helps it was a hot day and my nutrition consisted of 3 litres of water (inc. 1 x beta fuel and 1 x electrolyte tab), two Veloforte bars, a clif bar, a brownie, an OTE super gel, a coffee (1pm) and 4 x clif bloks with caffeine.

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Personally - I struggle to sleep when my rides creep over the 3,500 or 4,000 kJ range. Doesn’t seem to be tied to intensity so much as total volume.

My theory is that I’m just running hot from the amount of food consumed in the day and never really slow down - but not based on anything other than my own perception

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I did struggle with this a lot. I manage it by starting my rides much earlier, making sure I have at least 8 hours between ending my ride and going to bed. Also no food 3 hours prior to bed.


Used to have same issue, very seldomly nowadays. Can’t point out what could have helped. Nevertheless, here is my usual schedule after workout:

  • make sure completing at least 4-5h before bed time
  • lukewarm shower, even cold if day has been hot
  • ice cream cocktail with plum juice as recovery drink to cool down even further
  • casein protein drink (fortified with zinc and magnesium) ~1h before bed
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How use to caffeine are you?

For some people this is too much caffeine in the afternoon :raising_hand_man:

I personally can’t consume caffeine after 1pm.

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Not sure if the science has changed, but in the past I’ve read that it has to do with cortisol. I have the same issue. I close my eyes and I can feel my legs pedaling.

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Other things - avoid caffeine gels or drinks if its late in the afternoon.

This happens to me with epic/huge rides. My resting heart rate is elevated - I am like a thousand degrees in the bed and can’t chill out.

I usually sleep like a rock the following night - that night can be brutal

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