Strava Upload issues

Hi has anyone else had issues with Trainerroad worksout uploading to Strava? Mine have stopped? they still go to garmin and training peaks just Strava has stopped.

Hmm… haven’t had any bug reports thus far, I would recommend checking in with support to make sure all your Ride Sync settings are squared away, may just need a simple re-authorization.

You can email them at, or submit a request online and the team will take a look!

Thanks. I have unlink then reauthorised Trainerroad to my Strava account. fingers crossed for the next ride.

You can force a TR ride to sync on the website to test if it’s working. Open the ride review page, scroll alllll the way down and click the strava icon (assuming it doesn’t already have a green dot).

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Went through a period of a month or so recently where they were uploading but just as “Evening Ride” with no TR workout name or image. Still had the power/distance/time so didn’t bother doing anything about it and seems to have sorted itself out now!

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