Strange excuses for stopping a workout

So today I was struggling through kawaeh as the rain prevented a much needed trail ride. In the stand ups, I decided to work the dropper post. It came apart! Quick reassembly, tried again. Now it is all messed up. Alas, end of that ride!

What are your strangest things that ended workouts?


I was out spinning in the garage when the washing machine broke, water running all over. Workout over, quickly trying to move everything and stop the leak. My family was so used to me coming in covered in sweat, that when I came in dripping wet from water spraying everywhere, no one even batted an eye.

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lets see over the years I have had a few

With a dumb trainer - it was the middle of winter and I got a flat tire on the trainer. I was still pretty new to cycling so I didn’t have any tubes or a patch kit in the house - the wheel tape got loose and the tube punctured in a spoke hole. I remember it was late at night and super snowy out. Workout over…

This spring mid quarantine on my smart trainer - Saris Hammer - I stepped on the power cord that goes into the Hammer getting off mid ride to go to the bathroom. Snapped the head clean off the power cord. There is little to no tension after that - maybe 90-100 watts with no electricity. Amazon to the rescue days later.

There was also that time mid-run miles from home that I… never mind that one, let just say it wasn’t pleasant for me or the owner of the shrubs.

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Doing a workout on the turbo, but out in the garden. Mid way through a threshold effort, someone’s dog got into our garden through a hedge and started chasing our chickens around. Hilarity ensues as I chase the dog around in cycling kit and cleats. A few feathers flew, but no hens harmed in the end.


One got off the bike to start the fan and open the garage door. Had an elite rampa at the time and didn’t notice that in moving the fan I’d moved the power cable that was now resting against the flywheel. Cue a big effort that I was spinning through and suddenly there was a flash, bang and smoke in the garage as the flywheel had worn through the mains cable to the fan. Tripped out the whole house…and I nearly had an “accident” :grin:. Wife and girls only noticed because everything suddenly went off.

Trainer made a funny noise after that and I couldn’t get it to work properly again. :joy:

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I got a nosebleed in the middle of Galena one time. I took it as a sign and got off the trainer for the day.