Stealth bike tech of the year: Rule 28 aero base layer

There are now 3 notable baselayers (R28, NoPinz, Huub), and Kalas has just announced a very similar suit, that is basically a 1 piece version of the baselayer + smooth suit.

I have a R28 Base layer that I’ve been wearing underneath mainly road race suits, and recently took delivery of a NoPinz hypersonic suit. I chose NoPinz because the Flowsuit has always tested fastest for me. I made a few observations and compared it to the R28 base layer right here:


Oh, Aerofitting guys now have their own Aero base layer? Guess they were plenty impressed by your kit when we tested mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Rule28 sparked an explosion of base layer technology! ha! Now everybody will spend some pounds developing and buying…then the UCI will ban them.

Somebody should do a wind tunnel video: how much faster does UCI banned equipment make you?

What could we use? Batwing skinsuit…that weird stuff they used to spray on legs for time trials…Z bikes…uhmmm…can’t think of anything else right now.

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Our Neo Suit and Aero Base Layer is faster than our wing suit was in all but the most extreme yaw angles - something that you’re unlikely to ever encounter on most courses. That’s why we no longer manufacture the wing suit - we’re faster within the UCI rules.

The Neo Suit and Aero Base Layer combo has also been independently tested as faster than the Endura SST suit. Video here: A2 Wind Tunnel TT Bike Aero Bike Testing Results Skinsuit ShoeCovers Position Helmets POC KASK etc - YouTube

As a little bonus our Aero Sock also outcompeted all others Matt tested.

Skinsuits are the most variable bit of aero kit you can use, that’s why we have kit in several test locations. Performance of suits can vary so much between riders, positions, speeds and yaw angles. It’s very easy, if your suit is half way decent, to cherry pick numbers that look good.

If you can, go test kit yourself either on a velodrome or in a wind tunnel. Testing allows you to dial in your position. This can save you way more than aero kit too.


Really cool to get some insights from @Rule28 directly.
Your stuff clearly seems to perform well. Apparently though, there is no fitting options for tall skinny people …
Regarding the Endura Encapsulator suit. It didn’t test so well on me either. NoPinz FlowSuit was quite a bit faster.
Would love to get around comparing it to the Rule 28 1.1

Very happy to help :slight_smile:

For tall and skinny people we recommend going off the weight measurement of the size guide. As the base layer is only the arm fabric and a support panel to hold them in place, it’s all about getting the arms tight enough to be smooth.

As the base layer is designed to be 3/4 arm length (with the optionality to adjust the fit to wear under a short sleeve), on tall skinny people it can we worn as closer to 1/2 arm length.

If fit doesn’t feel right then we can always exchange for another size.

Since I won’t be able to take time off to travel and test, I’ll probably get the only white one available out of the fast-testers by next spring: NoPinz Flow-suit Subzero. It’ll be used in a 4000+m granfondo in european peak summer. Absolutely no chance I rather look cool in black than actually be cool in white.

The lack of color options in skin suits is infuriating. I do Ultra’s and spend a lot of my time riding solo. I’d prefer colors that aren’t proven to make me invisible to motorists.


Check out our Fluro suits. Available in our TT Suit 2.0 and Neo Suit. It’s designed to help you stand out :+1::+1:

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Those are perfect, but they have no rear pockets(not number pockets) :pensive:

Make your Road Race Skinsuit or Road race Neo suit in Fluro and I’d buy at least 2 of them today!

I’ll take a long sleeve summer road suit with capacity rear pockets, too.

I wear your aero arm sleeves for sun protection now, but an upper arm without overlapping sun sleeve and jersey material would be nice.

Maybe a tough one to offer, though, without custom options for arms.

Actually, I’d take it in just jersey format and you can offer it as non-aero because it wouldn’t be in the same class as your aero options.

The Road Race version of our Neo Suit has a 3/4 length sleeve. May be of interest.


@Rule28, is there any chance you guys will be releasing a fully blacked out jersey and/or race suit? I was close to pulling the trigger but the designs on the back of the race suit are a no go for me. The new jersey is ok, but if you had an all black and all white jersey, I’d buy in a heartbeat. A small logo isn’t ideal but I get it. Just curious.

Another option around the same price.

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White would be nice.

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We can do custom designs for this if you’re keen. The logo positioning would remain constant but besides that we can Co a plain or colourful as you’d like!

As noted earlier. I was pretty hyped for the Nopinz baselayer until I held it in my hands. The stripes being very low profile makes it rather questionable for me, that this actually has the same effect as on the Kalas or R28. They are just much more pronounced. The Nopinz is hardly visible through the material.

I’m disappointed with nopinz. I’ve had one speed pocket rip on a pro1 suit and two pairs of show covers rip in the same place near the heel. I also feel bitter regarding the claimed performance of the Flow that never worked for me compared to the Pro1.

I need to look into that kalas brand. It’s not something I’ve seen or heard of in my area


Let’s see if it’s fast :grin: