Static electricity zaps with rollers

Hey all, I run Kreitler rollers with 2.25 drums, and ride in a basement that has a humidity of around 40-50%.

The static electricity zaps are seriously out of hand. Talking 4-5 times per ride minimum.

Last month, I got such a zap it caused me to yank my hand off the bars, and the pop was loud. I watched in dismay as my zwift guy just rolled to the side of the road 0w. It zapped the electronics donut on my powertap! With new electronics it worked again fine, but seriously.

Any smart people out there think of a way to prevent these zaps? The rollers are on painted concrete if that matters.

I am no electrical expert, but I think the solution will be to “ground” the rollers.

I am trying to find a direct confirmation and solution via Google, but struggling a bit.

There may be a way to use a grounding strap from the rollers.

Seems odd seeing as the tires are rubber and I would assume you have rubber feet on the rollers?

They are rubber yes. Maybe could be worn thru

Try this:


id run a wire that lightly touches the body of the roler (on the bottom side) to the ground, this will ground the stadic electricity, electroboom has a video on stadic electricity stopers, dont do what he does though, that would be bad lol

I get same zaps and my rollers (with rubbers on its feet) on a painted concrete.

Try some anti -static spray on the drums.

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That wouldn’t make them or tyres too slippery, would it ?

Can you increase the air humidity, or do you have to keep it that low? A humidifier might help.

Other than that, I think you need to ground the bike or yourself, not just the rollers.

They actually make like hanging grounding strap for rolling chairs. So that way you dont have to be wired to a particular spot. (I work in a business that static electricity is taken very seriously). or you could get an anti static grounding mat to put under the rollers.


Static charge is building up on spinning drums…bit tricky to ground a spinning drum. Get some anti-static and spray the drums and tires.

Amazon: Sprayway SW956R Residue-Free Anti-Static Spray, Reduce Static Cling, Eliminate Static Shock, 6 Oz