State Title didn't go to Plan

Last minute entry into the 2020 State Triathlon Champs in a team. I had top 3 open water swimmers in the State, Chelsea, 15yrs old and amazing young athlete. And a fast runner, Vin, 5k, on sand, 19 minutes, Never run on sand before. Running on sand is a skill itself. And me, 20k TT.

What was different this year, instead of 2 x 10k laps, 3 x 6.5k laps, 6 180deg turns. I’ve been training for 40k TT, out and back course. Not 20k, with so many dam near stop turns, every 3k you slowed down and stopped pedaling to get through narrow gates, and get back to speed. You couldn’t get a roll on. 3rd lap my left leg was seizing. I cna put that down to nutrition or. a 49/51 split in l/r power.

There is a lot of take away’s. While we came 5th in teams. I wasn’t accustomed to sprinting to get back to speed. Once at speed my power was good, 340w, and that felt hard but fine. I concentrated on my breathing. I was comfortable in the TT position. I can work on getting back to speed quickly. This wasn’t an A Race.

Back to training today.


Sorry your State Tri Champs didn’t go as planned. I’m just going to put it out there that your leg seizing on the 3rd lap is definitely, like…most most most definitely, not related to your L/R power being 49/51. In fact, you would remove a lot of wasted thinking and time even considering your L/R power being a factor in anything.

Good luck next year.


You would be correct. :slight_smile:

More likely how I’m positioned on the saddle according to my TT coach. Starts with my back injury and tight hip flexors, knees, ankles. Working all that out with TheRaGun.