Starting over at 50: Order of operations to protect limited supply of "matches"?

At 50 I had shoulder repair and a few other operations. Now a decade later, if I was starting over at 50 this is what I would do:

  1. Kettlebell work. Buy an adjustable kettlebell, or a set of kettlebells. I’ve got a set of Vulcan Strength kettlebells, but if starting over I’d probably buy the adjustable kettlebell here: Equipment — Wildman Athletica

Basic instruction playlist:

You can easily spend 6 months just doing some of the warmups from the first 5 or 6 videos in that playlist. Then 10 swings on the minute, for 10 minutes. About 20-25 minute routine.

If you are interested in programming he has this overview for deconditioned or injured athletes:

The basic point is you can go a long long long way with kettlebell swings and some kettlebell warmups.

Get ripped and athletic with a very simple program and a set of kettlebells (adjustable or a set).

I haven’t bought his programs, doing my own programming based off the book Simple & Sinister. Mark Wildman videos are good, and I also like the videos on StrongFirst and Hardstyle Kettlebell YouTube channels.

  1. Ride & walk as much as possible. Just getting out there and doing some easy aerobic exercise is going to put you ahead of the game. Don’t worry about follow a plan/program until you are ready - have an event, want more of a challenge, getting bored of doing easy aerobic, whatever.

  2. Its all about putting time on the calendar and being consistent. Start with shorter workouts and get consistent. Build from there.