Starting a team - Hindsights 20/20

A few friends and I are starting an amateur race team our mission statement is" To connect and support an inclusive community of amateur bicycle racers."

For those that have experience starting and or managing a team, what advice would you have for us newbies?

We’re in the process of incorporating a non-profit for liability and sponsorship benefits.

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Try to associate it with a club of both racers and non racers… the sponsors should be secondary to the main goal of the team (i.e. membership and identity is not tied to one sponsor). All of us will go through phases of wanting to race, versus wanting to just ride and socialize (especially as we age). As riders age they may not want to race, but rather just ride and still be involved… and the older we get the more $ we have to donate to 501c3, which helps the younger racers continue the journey.

Have 1 weekly ride that is for everyone. This allows for the A racers to mingle with the 79yo grandfathers (who happen to be CEO’s and big donors). The old guys are pumped to hear about the Crit scene, and the racers benefit from new sponsors and longevity.

Become a non-profit. Much easier for donations and functions. There may be a non-profit that you can align with. The fee is roughly $400 for a 501c3. You will need a board of directors (your teammates) and will still need liability insurance for the board.

League of American bicyclists has plenty of info and help.

I helped do this when I lived in NC( ), and the cyclist club is about 50 years old (I helped with the 501c3 part). There are racers, 70 year old grandfathers, wives and kids. The key to propagating is not just making it a “racers” team, but have that be just one part of the organization.

There are plenty of other things, but I hope this helps a bit. Feel free to reach out.