Stand Up Paddling - are any of you doing it?

Hi everyone,

Are any of you doing any stand up paddling as a core training / cross training supplement to cycling? Any tips / pointers / lessons learned?

I am looking to try it as I believe core training has a lot of benefits but can‘t really get myself to do it regularly for lack of a goal / satisfying progression aspect with the workouts.

Yes, though not structured in any way. We live walking distance from a good river for paddling and the kids love it so it’s a nice family activity. I don’t really think of it as “core training”, I just lump it into active stuff I do that isn’t cycling but which has some health, core and/or mental benefits. Guess you could strap on a HR strap and log paddles on Strava and make it a bit more structured with intervals if that’s what motivates you. Other approach would be to get social motivation by finding friends or a group or club you can paddle with.

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Just chiming in…I SUP when able on my layovers. For me it’s all about feeding the soul. Getting a workout with it is secondary. My absolute favorite way to SUP is in waves. Riding waves might be my all time favorite thing to do whether windsurfing, surfing or SUP. I’m not great at it but, SUP makes catching mellow waves (for me) so so easy. Paddling back out can be challenging depending on the break and board. The balance/core just comes with time on the water.

If I couldn’t do it with waves I’d need a destination type goal. I could see how on flat calm water you could make it into a great workout. Finding a cadence that you can sustain to that island, bridge, whatever is important. Not stopping. As far as technique I am not qualified but, a good paddle makes so much difference in power. I find not rotating generates more power. Stay square. How your paddle enters the water seems important too. You can pull/displace more water if your paddle enters straight and deep it seems. Talking out of my arse here…I’d be a cat 6 in paddling if they had a similar cat system.

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