Stages sb20 calibration problems

Always been roughly equal around 900 either side.

Today left 896 right 1337. Updates installed new batteries, deleted and reinstalled app and bike. Still the same……. Thoughts and advice pls ? How much does this affect accuracy and what fixes?


Not sure if this is related, but there is a long thread on SB20 accuracy problems.
Calibration values did not come up in that thread, so you may be seeing something else.

Have you tried resetting the pedals? Pull the batteries out of both, and leave them out for at least 30 seconds before re-installing. See if this brings the calibration value of the right closer to its previous.

I think the left value is fine. Mine normally are 890 - 894 depending upon the temperature in the pain cave.

I had weird calibration numbers on my Stages with some questionable, cheap 10 pack batteries from Amazon. I even had some problems with oem looking Engerizers from Amazon in a 10 pack.

I bought some fresh, retail pack Duracells and the calibration numbers were back to bang on 895ish.

I think the cheap batteries you find on Amazon aren’t worth the trouble.

Out of spec. Time to call support and get it replaced.