Stages LH Cadence Issues

Morning all,

I recently bought a Gen 2 Stages LH Power Meter, and have been having issues with the Cadence readings being somewhat erratic - not ideal when you’re trying to maintain a steady cadence for PowerMatch to do its magic (paired to a Kickr Snap)

The above screenshot is from yesterdays workout, and covers roughly 90 seconds.

I used Screen Recording on my iPhone 7 (which is what i use to run TR) and a video (sadly i cant upload it) - which reported that my reported cadence skips between 90ish and 108ish rpm almost constantly.

To provide an independent source of information, i fitted my Wahoo Cadence sensor tot he LH crank, and paired it to my Wahoo ELEMNT. Through out the 90sec period, Wahoo reporteed my cadence as between 90 and 93rpm.

I have PowerMatch turned ‘On’, and also ERG set to ‘on’.

Any suggestions on where to start looking for a ‘fix’?

I have a gen 3 but haven’t seen your problem before. I guess I’d start with:

  1. Confirm firmware updated to latest version
  2. Replace battery in PM
  3. Calibrate PM
  4. Test cadence again with TR and sensor with head unit, then swap by testing sensor with TR and PM with head unit, also try using the stages app v head unit, finally try both Bluetooth and ANT+, the idea being change one variable at a time to see if the problem goes away.

Good luck.


Thanks @justinm

I should’ve added, I put a new battery in the PM on Sunday, and checked all firmware is up to date before yesterday’s comparison. Stages PM is always calibrated before each ride (I also calibrate the Snap 10mins or so into each workout - possible overkill, but minimises possible variables in my TR workouts).

I’ll try with the Stages app on tonight’s workout and see what that throws up.

I would open a support ticket with Stages or at least take it back to where you had purchased. Particularly now you have done the above.


I agree with @Mr_Snrub. I have a Gen 3 Stages and picked a random 30 second interval from my last ride. My cadence varied by like 4 rpm during that time. With that and the Wahoo data I would say open a support ticket. I opened a ticket when I first bought my PM(for something that was totally user error) and they got back quick.

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