No cadence from Stages PM on Legacy app

Hi all,

I have been using TR for about a year now, but recently fitted a Stages LH power meter to my training bike, coupled to a CycleOps PowerBeam Pro running the Legacy App on Mac.

I removed my old Wahoo RPM sensor and thought I would be able to use the Stages to measure cadence. I manage to pair the power meter, trainer and heart rate sensors but do not get any cadence measurement. Do I need to try pairing the Stages as a cadence sensor too? Refit my old Wahoo RPM?


Yes. Pair the stages as cadence as well.

Like @JHow mentioned, you’ll have to pair the Stages twice in the Legacy app, once as a cadence sensor and once as a power meter.

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Nope…legacy app does not detect the Stages as cadence sensor. Un-paired as a power meter, still nothing. Now I just look at cadence on my riding computer instead.