Stages 9200 l/r power meter with Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

After some drama in buying a used Dura Ace power meter, I ended up buying a new Stages 9200 dual sided power meter. Few things on which I’ve contacted support for…

I’ve noticed that after pairing it with my Elemnt Bolt, it’s only registering the left crank. I don’t some research and apparently the wahoo will only find one power meter sensor but its actually a “pair”. Why is it not registering though on my head unit? Has anyone else had this issue?

As I recall with the 4iii dual that came on my bike I had to use the 4iii app to pair/link the 2 sides before I could get a reading from both sides. I was using a Garmin not a Wahoo. Maybe this might help.

I’ve got a Stages one and I seem to of linked them as a pair too. However if I rotate the right hand side on a stand, it doesn’t show up on my head unit but the left does :frowning:

Use the Stages app to verify the right is linked to the left. You can also view power and cadence within the Stages app - verify the right side is responding.

It’s linked/paired with but I’m not seeing any numbers from the right hand side. I’ve even tried resetting the crank with the battery method. I can’t surely be this unlucky :joy: