Stages 3rd generation LR power meter and Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

Good day everyone!

I’m struggling with actually displaying Left-Right balance on my Garmin Edge 1030 Plus. The PM are linked by Ant+ (showing the left PM in the sensor menu of the Garmin) but only showing wattage balance on the left crank

I have performed a hard reset and a zero reset of the PMs. Both PM and Garmin firmwares are up to date.

What am I doing wrong?

First thing I would check is that Garmin is using ANT+ and ONLY linked to 5554 (left side).

Assuming you are seeing the same 100%-0% post-ride in Garmin Connect?

I confirm that Garmin uses Ant+ as sensor name is 30184(left) whereas BLE sensor is named Stages_30184. And only 30184 is linked on the Garmin. Ant+ code on the physical left crank is 30184.

And I confirm that in Garmin Connect, it shows 100%-Left and 0% right.

(removed screenshot)

30184 is RIGHT SIDE

You need Garmin to disconnect, and only pair with 5554 LEFT SIDE.


Sorry my earlier post is WRONG.

LEFT is 30184.


Yeah, I opened a ticket with Stages to help out. I wonder why the balance is not showing properly. It defies the purpose of having a dual-PM…

I’d reset the right side, and then view live power in the Stages app.

I tried but still without success.

If the Stages app is not showing power from the right side power meter, then you have a serious problem not involving the 1030.


unlink it and see what you get.

Well, I just contacted Stages tech. After doing hard reset, ensuring that it calibrated properly, We did a test with Wahoo app, left PM shows Watt while the right one don’t…More to come

Stages will replace the right Powermeter that is at fault!

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