St George 70.3 travel disaster / Advice required

Hi Guys,

I have successfully made it to St George for the race on Saturday. Thankfully I have all of my belongings. No dramas for me.

However, one of the people who I travelled with has had there bike box left back in London :scream: There is no guarantee it will arrive for the race as as helpful as BA can be is ‘within 72 hours’ which will miss the racking window. The bike box had not just her bike but also wetsuit, bike stuff (helmet, shoes, pump, bike computer etc).

So, as a cry for due to lack of faith in BA performing a miracle…

Does anyone know the area with good recommendations to hire a road bike and associated triathlon kit? (Let’s not be fussy and demand a TT!)

Any advice or suggestions welcome :pray::pray::pray:

If you have not done so already, try reaching out on the forum at slowtwitch as well as there will be a number of athletes on their forum who will be in the area for the race

As for rentals, one of my old college track and field teammates (Kirk Nelson) has a bike shop just outside of St George and he does rentals.


As much as I am loathe to recommend anyone frequent Slowtwitch, they are probably your best option for a community-based assist. So I will second what @mhandwerk said above.

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I’d spend 15 minutes and start calling all the local bike shops. One of them will know who rents or maybe one of them will take pity on you guys and loan you something.

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The triathlete community has really stepped up and a bike, shoes and helmet have been found :grin:

Just a wetsuit to find now. Thanks your advice guys :+1: