SSB Low Vol I and II

7 weeks ago I decided to give SSB Mid Vol 1 & Vol 2 a go, and noticed through out the weeks I was struggling to hold the Intensities and was either bailing out or reducing the intensities between 5 & 10%…

I’ve struggled these few Months with Major Depression on top of my Complex PTSD 25 Years HM Forces, and on High doses of medication, however I continued with Trainer Road and struggled, not listening to what my body was telling me.

I started reading the Forums about SSB Mid Vol 1 & 11, and it was then that the penny dropped, I had been putting to much added stress on myself, training 5 days a week with Major Depression, not eating or drinking and still expecting to complete the workouts… How wrong I was!!.

So 18 Dec 2018, went back to basics - SSB Low Vol 1 with a drop in FTP 207 - 180 after a retaking Ramp Test.

Mount Field today was hard going should ones Heart rate be working at 96%, HR 152 on Tempo Rides?. I’ve. also noticed that my resting heart rate over the past several months has went from 47 - 65. I’m 63 Years old 5’6" and 80kg. Should I be finding these workouts hard going?.

I’ve Been cycling on and off for 4 years, and 2 years with Trainer Road. This time round I hope to continue Trainer Road on a weekly basis over 2018 -2019.

I so much want to be able to ride and keep with the club Group W/end Rides. Thanks Billy

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A resting HR that’s up almost 50% from your prior normal is indicative of your body telling you you’re under too much stress as it is. I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t be worrying about training with any specificity right now because I think it’s just going to add stress to your body. I’d be focused on getting outdoors if you can, enjoying life and being on the bike. If outdoors isn’t an option, maybe some Zwift rides against friends just for fun or low intensity sessions on TR where you watch a movie or favorite TV show or listen to favorite music. Just enough to relax without adding much training stress. IMO, you need to be focusing on enjoyment and reduction of overall stress rather than formal, structured training.

Mount Field shouldn’t have you at 96% of max HR; your meds might be causing issues there. IMO (again not a doc), your body is sending you last-ditch type signals that you need to cool it before something major happens. I’d listen - like really listen - if I were you. Good luck, my friend!


Thanks for the feedback its much appreciated, I’ll take that on board. Billy

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I agree 100% with Nash and I couldn’t have said it better. We all have our ups and downs and times in our life where stress is just too much. Enjoy the bike for now, let your stress, HR and life settle down for a while and you’ll be back to crushing workouts in no time :muscle:. Good luck and stay positive and let the bike be an enjoyable ride away from the stresses in your life. :biking_man:‍♂ :grinning: :+1: