Power Meter for 2019 Trek Roscoe 7?

What power meters are out there for MTB? I’ve just picked up a 2019 Roscoe 7 which has FSA Gamma Pro cranks and an FSA 7100 bottom bracket but I couldn’t see anything on a Google search for these.

What are my options?

The link you’ve included isn’t working at the moment so I can’t see the exact bike your talking about, but either way the best power meter for an MTB is a Quarq.


yeah, that page has stopped working since I posted the link. Is that Quark only compatible with SRAM cranks as the Roscoe has FSA Gamma Pro cranks with an FSA 7100 BB.

I know that power2max has some FSA crank models. You may be able to get just the spider to replace instead of the whole crank. I have one of these (NG Eco model) on my road bike and it has worked flawlessly. Totally underrated power meter on the market imo. It has been one of DC Rainmaker’s recommended power meters for the money for years now.

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Whatever power meter you decide upon it will come with the cranks attached unless you opt for a spider only option, but I don’t know if that would work as it depends if your current spider can be removed.
As long as the correct cranks are ordered then they will work fine with the current bottom bracket.