SRAM force axs(telling what year it is)

Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to tell what year sram force axs is on a bike

AFAIK, the current SRAM Force eTap AXS is the only generation that exists. It debuted in 2019 and is still largely the same other than info related to things like the WIDE options.

Is there an underlying question here related to the age of the group?

The other difference is the first rear derailer was designed to work with 10-32 and the later released works up to 10-36

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Ultimately, depending on the hidden goal here, I suspect contacting SRAM support may well be the best place to head.

Yes, but not quite. In addition to the standard rear derailleur (10-26 to 10-33), SRAM released two more rear derailleurs, WIDE (which accepts 10-28 up until 10-36) and XPLR (accepts 10-33 up until 10-44). But they are considered all of the same generation.

IMHO SRAM should do away with the short cage rear derailleur and make the WIDE one the default.

PS I am so glad I had the option to get the WIDE rear derailleur and the 10-36 cassette. Great 1x setup on my road bike.