SRAM Force AXS Max doesn’t shift in 10t cog

Hey there,
I have an issue with my new SRAM Force AXS RD. While it shifts up and down the cassette buttery smooth, it just refuses to shift into the 10t cog.
When I shift into any other gear, the green light flashes once as usual. But when I shift into the smallest cog, it flashes red - green - red - green but no shift.
Anyone have an idea how to fix it? The AXS software was of little help.

You need to be in the big ring up front to get into the 10t in back.


I am… maybe the FD thinks it is in the small ring? Any idea how to fix that?

Did this occur after working correctly or is this upon install? Sounds like it could just be the high limit screw if the problem is out of the box.

+1. It’s likely that your derailleur is blinking angrily at you because it has already TRIED shifting into the highest gear and it CAN’T because the stupid SCREW is stopping it.

Or maybe it’s just my derailleurs that yell at me?

AXS Setup Tips | SRAM

Not out of the Box, no. It used to work and now doesn’t. I will recent the whole Group and see

Maybe via app if you use it. Perhaps something is up with sync. IDK though. Sorry. Once you figure it out let us know for future ref!

edit: just learned shifts can be rejected when/if below -15 degrees C…who knew?

I have the exact same problem , did you find a fix and resolve the problem ?

SRAM might block the 10t cog when it is in the small ring. The FD might signal being in the small ring despite being in the big ring. You might want to manually set that and see if the 10t gives way.

Thanks for the fast reply , because I almost never use the small chainring , I hadn’t noticed the battery on the front Mech had gone flat ,I guess it defaulted to the safe option of assuming it was on the small chainring.
Anyway charged and back to normal.

Refer to this Conteder Bicycle video on how to fix: How To: Adjust SRAM AXS Rear Derailleur - YouTube

Basically, you need to press button and shift lever a few times. This will move the derailleur cog a little bit at a time in the direction you want the derailleur to move.