SRAM eTap noise


I rode eTap short cage with 11-28 and I moved to 11-32! That cassete is not recomended by SRAM but it works for a lot of bikes! I had to put a bigger chain and unscrew B and everything works great expect small/small which has slack and overlaping chain!

11-28 was noisy but 11-32 is supernoisy everywhere except 2or3 middle cogs! Shifting works perfect but I’m playing with everything and cannot prevent noise! B-screw is max out (5mm clearence between big and wheele)!

Cassete is xg-1190 and chain is Red 22! 52/36 is front setup!

Will Roadlink helps or maybe pc-1170 chain? Or something else?

Sram setups are generally a bit noisier that other; in particular the chains. Personally I prefer a KMC chain over the Sram versions; plus they last a bit longer.
Can you identify the actual source of the noise? Is it a rasping of gear indexing or a general drone?

One thing to note is that it sounds like you chain could be slightly long if it is going slack. Might be worth just checking the length. That said try not to use the small/small gear combination. Apart from cross chaining it can lead to issues. With some chain sets you can see the chain getting caught by the pick up pins on the larger chainring, this is why the newer electronic group sets restrict these combinations.

Which KMC chain do you suggest?

I cannot pinpoint where exactly sounds comes from! Maybe it looks like where chain leaving the cog…

Training chains were normally the X11.93 and then that myself to a X11EL for racing; obviously in gold :grin: