Sram etap axs red wahoo kickr grinding, incl video

New Canyon with Sram axs red. New cassette. Sick kickr core grinding sound. The smaller the cog, the more noise. Off the trainer no problem. Anyone had this before or know how to fix this? Video included

Adjusted the derr but no luck

That sounds like front der rub to me. Even matches timing with your pedal stroke.

True. But not that. Sram red etap axs front derr is fine. Also the same sound in a straight line. No rubbing sound when riding outside

Check out Hambini, a complete roast of Canyon and SRAM


Hi i have the same problem with the new kickr using red axs. It is just tha same sound. How did you fix it?

if it isn’t the front derailleur then it might need a micro adjustment. The fact that it gets worse with each outboard gear change suggests it isn’t properly aligned. There might be a very slight different between the cluster alignment on the Kickr and the normal wheel set… I’ve got Sram AXS on my Kickr and don’t have this issue. Assuming the thru-axle kit is properly installed on the Kickr as well…

hi, are you using red or force casette?

Red cassette.

Just curious. Is there any bike that Hambini likes?

He seems to only sing the praises of Time and Look frames

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Hello! Did you ever sort out this issue? I am having the same problem with a 1x SRAM Force set up.

I’m having this same issue with a SRAM Rival AXS 12 speed cassette. No issues off the trainer and installed the same 10-30 cassette with ADR free hub body

Did you manage to resolve this? I just converted my Kickr Core from Shimano 10x to SRAM 12x (Rival cassette). It’s like a crunching noise whenever force is applied to the pedals.

I have checked both derailleurs, and neither are rubbing, I have done micro-adjustments with the levers. The noise seems related to the amount of force being exerted. It’s almost as though the chain when under tension is not seating cleanly in the cassette.

I have the same issue. Have you found a fix?

Have you all checked for a worn chain or casette? May be that if you spend most of your time at the top of the casette, thats more worn than the lower end hence the griding in lower gears with a stretched chain

Everything is new.

Oh man! Same exact problem for me. I have a Factor O2 Vam. I tried front and rear derailleur adjustments/micro adjustments. Is it possible we all managed to install the xdr freehub body incorrectly on the kickr? This is driving me crazy.

It’s not the inboard/outboard of the front mech that causes this on SRAM. It is the diagonal alignment You’ll need to slightly loosen it from the braze-on, and check the chain alignment to the scribe marks on the FD cage.

Been there.

Hey @Jack_Russell_Racing! Thank you so much for this tip. I tried it but it didn’t seem to help. It sounds like the grinding is coming from the FD area but I don’t see anything rubbing anywhere… Confounding!