Sram AXS creak noise

Yes this “bottom bracket noises” happen to everyone, every bike and groupset… It has happened to me several times the last 7 years, and I managed to fix it every time… not this time though.

This is the thing: it only creaks when I am on the small ring when putting pressure on the pedals (250w+).

It creaks on every part of the cassette, with another chain, standing up or sitting down, with or without bike shoes… and as soon as I put the big ring on, the sound stops altogether.

If I had to describe the noise, it sounds like when you try to pronounce the letter R in spanish, only when pressure is being put on the pedals (downward stroke): rrrr, rrrr, rrrr…

I already dissasembled the BB twice, greased it all again, made sure the torque is right, changed the chain, regreased the cassette in and out, changed pedals just in case… I am out of ideas.

Has anyone heard of something like this? I feel that because it ONLY creaks when in the small ring, it crosses out many other common things, but I just don´t know what else to do.

Edit: Here is a video of the noise: Axs creak noise - YouTube

Is the trim on the derailleur and chain line correct?

If it’s on power stroke, you may have contact on the fd cage in some locations.

Other thing to check would be chainring bolts/spider connector bolts.

Yes the line is correct, the chain is not rubbing at all on the front derailleur. The noise still happens at any part of the cassette.

This AXS groupset has no chainring/spider bolts, it is made from only one piece from what I remember.

try swapping out the small chainring/check tooth wear ? I was making a similar noise on the trainer and you could almost feel the links as they came onto the ring, and a quiet almost tick when “climbing” it was a worn out ring, but I have 105 so easily swapped the small ring out to prove.
Also maybe a rear derailleur hanger bent to favor the big ring, check alignment there as well…

The small ring not swappable… the whole thing is one big piece. The total system barely has 5000km, so wear should not be a problem.

Is it a Force cassette? Those had noise issues, but thats behind you. You’re running a flat top chain? Full SRAM? Is your rear brake cable rubbing the crank?

Red cassette.
Flat top chain, full sram.
Disc brakes which run internally, no rubbing.

I’m on Shimano but my chain is louder in the big ring than small ring, all things equal. Perhaps SRAM works backwards

Is the chain lubricated?

Thing is that it didn’t have this noise for the first 5000km, and it only creaks when force is applied. If I pedal with my hand while the bike is suspended, the is no noise at all.
The chain is lubricated, and I even swapped it for another one and the same thing happens.

Rear axle tight? I’d check torque on everything in general, on my MTB I had a horrendous creak while pedaling and turned out my rear thru axle was finger tight

Make sure there’s no cracks in any of the parts of the chainrings too. Could swap cranks but that’s not a cheap experiment

I had this happen also, sound disappeared when tightening rear thru axle a bit more. Was certain it was coming from crank at first.

Disassembled the BB … did you change out the bearings? or just regrease?

I meant is the brake line rubbing internal. You’re in the small ring so you’re probably throwing your weight around, moving the BB. The cable could be rubbing. The crank might. It have the preload tight enough too.

You changed pedals but did you grease them?

Did not change bearings… but why would they sound different on the small ring vs big ring?

The pedals are not making the noise. Even if it were the pedals, they would creak on either ring, not just the small one.

I had that sound on my MTB too, and indeed it was my rear axle. Not on this road bike though… plus it would not make sense that it only creaked while on the small ring…

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Here is a video I made of the noise: Axs creak noise - YouTube

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Tough to diagnose these kind of noises. Definitely sounds like a chain rubbing on FD but more rubbery/squeaky. BB maybe if it’s sensitive to where load is applied (further from axis more leverage would probably make more noise though)

Can you replicate the noise at all in the large ring with more power or is it small only? If the latter id rule out BB completely, although it seems like it wasn’t a concern anyway.

Edit: I think it would help to get the bike on a trainer and have someone pedal while you listen around.

Uneven wear? My wife’s bike was getting noise from (what she said) was the pedals. Bike mechanic said it was the BB bearings. Replaced, and no noise.
How many miles on your BB?