SRAM eTap 11-speed and AXS app

I have the original SRAM eTap above. The new fancy AXS app does not see it. Does anyone know if this is a known issue with the original eTap v1 11-speed? AXS sees my P1 pedals. My Wahoo Bolt sees the eTap…

Maybe there is something wrong with my setup? Thoughts?

As far as I know, there is no claimed or planned compatibility with 11 speed etap and AXS. Unless something has changed, AXS app is only intended to pair with AXS hardware.

Interesting. A friend of mine doesn’t have 12-speed AXS, but goes have the 2nd Gen 11-speed. His eTap connects to the AXS app.

I suppose there may be a technical reason why the gen1 cannot connect and gen2 can. I still have the ‘dongle’ they supplied for the firmware updates that never came… LOL

11 speed eTap will not connect to the AXS app. As far as I have heard from SRAM technical support there are no plans for it to ever connect or be supported in the AXS app.
That said the confusion is that if you have a DZero Quarq; 11 or 12 speed, eTap or AXS then you use the AXS app to update firmware and calibrate.