SRAM DUB review

I have a 2019 Specialized Epic HT. I love it, but the bottom bracket is the new SRAM DUB. I am not a fan of the DUB system. Despite having approximately 300 miles on the bike since April, and multiple trips to the shop, the crank always feels like there is resistance (tested with the chain off). Obviously, it is a ‘feel’ test. There are no noises, creaks, dead spots, or misalignments. The spindle just lags. Looking for other owner’s impressions or experiences.

If it’s not creaking, popping, grinding, etc I wouldn’t worry about it.

Not DUB, but I have a chris king BB30 bottom bracket on my bike and the cranks may spin around once before stopping. I could get them to spin for a long time if I used a light oil instead of polylube, but I prefer longevity.

Man, thank you so much for this reply. My LBS mechanic is a long-time trusted friend, & he’s been in the business even longer. Being that DUB is new, he wasn’t sure if this was normal or something unique. He said the same thing as you - longevity and smoothness matter most, not the number of revs while hanging on a rack.

I have a DUB on my SC Blur and I can’t think if I’ve ever taken the chain off and tried spinning the crank. I do know that if I push on the pedals really hard I still go fast. :wink:

I just ran downstairs to check mine. It will spin a couple revs with very little effort.

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Depending on the BB, the lubricant, and how much it’s “packed”, they cranks may not spin for a while.

Some bearings spin better under load and that is what really matters. Chris King is known for this, where they don’t spin for long when you have a wheel without a tire, but when there is actual load on the system, there is very little drag.

If you are worried about it, just swap out the bearings for a different brand.

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by friction facts.

seals and grease cause major drag on a bb.

I reduced my fill rate on my sram gxp bb and sanded down the seals. Crank spins way better. I don’t ride in bad weather at all.

I have DUB for this year and I’ve had no issues and is just as smooth as my previous BBs. The OP might have just gotten a lemon DUB or there is a grease issue.