SRAM Dub Crank Removal Issues

Hi, I just built up a '21 Emonda with a SRAM Red Dub crank and then heard that there are issues when it comes to crank removal down the road. Does anyone know about this or the cause? I had to remove and install the crank 3 times to get the spacers correct and noticed that the fitment was very tight causing all the grease on the spindle connection to get pushed towards the BB. I also greased the threads of the fixing bolt at install. Posts I’ve seen so far indicate people needing long breaker bars on the bolt and NDS crank arm and then there is a loud snap when the bolt breaks free. I’ve used Quarq GXP cranks for years and never had to use more than a standard 3/8" ratchet to remove the crank.


You don’t really need any special tools. A pipe works. I have a piece of square steel tubing I got at HD for $5-$10 and I put it over the end of the allen wrench and then put some pressure on the tubing with my foot and pop it goes. A pipe over your ratchet works. A break bar is fine but not necessary. I can’t say I really think about it as an “issue” really but at the same time if you don’t have access to a hardware store or a garage with some tools it is harder than it would be with a 3/8 drive ratchet and nothing else.

They’re self extracting system just isn’t great. The first time is always the toughest, sometimes having to get me and my coworker to both hang on the wrench and the crank to break it free. Just super stubborn. It seems no amount of grease solves it, only routinely loosening and tightening it

I read about all the problems but I had no problem removing my SRAM Dub crank the first time using just my Park Tool Torque wrench. I have since removed it a second time without issue.