Sram AXS and Aftermarket Rings - 5 bolt, 110 BCD

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Does somebody exactly know what “not compatible” means? I ordered a flattop chain and put it on some SRAM X-Glide chainrings and they fit well.
Maybe I try it on my bike before ordering the carbon-ti to see the shifting performance.

With the Flattop chain having slightly larger rollers it interfaces differently with a non Flattop compatible chainring. That said it does seem to work. I have over 20,000 miles on a Red AXS setup using Rotor chainrings and am very pleased with how it functions. A good riding buddy of mine has also used the same setup with success but changed to an old Ritchey big ring for a different tooth count and is still riding it without shifting problems. I am not saying that it will work with any rings but from direct experience I can say that reliable performance can be had with chainrings not designed to run with the Flattop chain. Trial and error is the only way to know for sure. Additionally, recently Praxis has revised their rings to be listed as compatible with SRAM 12 speed road drivetrains. There are options.

It’s a month later, but that flatout wont work well. the chain is narrower than that 10/11sp chain is designed for and the round bits on the inside of the chain are bigger. It’ll sit wrong in the valley and not fully engage the ring. Thats a 2x ring, so this may not be an issue, but the teeth can retain the chain too long as they are too wide - on a 1x narrow-wide chain, the chain won’t pull onto the teeth properly.

The solution here is to use a proper 12sp eagle chain ($70) (if that doesn’t retain the chain) and change the RD’s jockey wheels to eagle ($30) ones. It’d probably be easier to just run Praxis ($150 130gr) or Carbon It rings ($too much 126gr). Or just ditch the inner ring all together and run the next size up in cassette 2x12 50/34 road is kind of silly

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Super interesting thread. Thanks a lot. Coming over from weightweenies I have a question regarding the (Carbon-Ti) AXS chainrings with a 12spd Shimano chain. I aleady have a Quarq D1 DUB 5x110mm powermeter and an expensive DUB bottom bracket and want to keep both for my coming gravel bike. I think Carbon-Ti is still the only manufacturer which makes reliable 33/46 rings for 5x110mm which would be a great gearing-setup for a gravel bike. But unfortunately the rings are AXS specified. Would they work in a DI2 2x setup? Above readings perhaps would lead to problems with shifting from big to small ring. Any experiences/guesses before i should buy and try?

I’m down the path now of a 12 speed Dura Ace drivetrain on my road bike, but with Sram Red D1 Cranks, Quarq DZero AXS DUB Spider (5x110), and I have Carbon-TI chainrings en-route. Unfortunately, so far the rings have been on the slow boat from Europe.

The Praxxis Buzz rings in this specific fitment also specifically say 12 Speed Shimano Compatible now, but the ones I wanted weren’t in stock.

So, haven’t run it yet, and I’m running 52/36 for road, but there are a couple threads on Weight Weenies where people are doing this, I asked about it, so I was confident enough I decided to jump at the parts.

I’ll post back up once I get all the parts installed and I can actually give a thumbs up / down.

That sounds interesting. Thank you for your quick respond. But I think you have chosen the standard 11/12spd (Evo) CarboRings 5x110mm and not the AXS ones? I ride the standard CarboRings 50/34 (not Evo) on a Clavicula SE DI2 11spd setup and it is fine. So I think it works also just fine in your setup. I’ll Keep my fingers crossed. I am sitting here in Germany and my favorite CarboRings AXS 33/46 are in stock. I have to overthink if I should try them. :wink:

EDIT: I already I have two cranks with Buzz Rings (50/34). One with Power2max spider, one with Quarq Dzero. Both are shifting superb, can‘t notice a difference to my Dura Ace rings. Unfortunately the Praxis 48/32 rings don‘t fit on the Quarq spider, things would be too easy…

Yes, I ordered a X-CarboRing Evo and X-CarboRing combo:

I do have a Quarq spider on my MTB as well, but that’s 104BCD and I run the SRAM X-Sync 2 Rings and have a Wolf-tooth 30t to try there too.

I’d like to provide an update to Praxis AXS compatibility. Yes, Praxis lists compatibility with AXS 12 speed. With a recent new bike build I trusted this and ordered a Zayante crank with their 10/11/12 chainrings in 52/36. Initial impressions was that in the upper 3 cogs it was quite noisy. After about 700 miles the noise persisted and transitioned to chain dropping. Praxis agreed to take the crank back but offered zero in the way of technical assistance with the problem. After this failed attempt I discovered that Rotor is making g AXS rings in both 110x4 and 107x4 with the correct 13 tooth jumps of 50/37 and 48/35. I’m currently waiting on the arrival of the 50t ring to assemble it all (will be running a Rotor Aldhu crank). Fingers crossed.

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My own experience and that of riding buddies with Rotor gear is very positive. I run a Rotor oval chainring on my XTR M9000 11-speed crank, and the experience is flawless. Rotor was thoughtful enough to include four beautifully machined end pieces (the bits the charinring bolts screw into), which are much, much easier to fit than Shimano’s (which are not identical even though they look identical and constantly want to turn and thus, misalign, when you fasten the bolts).

The craftsmanship is excellent, easily DuraAce/XTR/Red/XX1 level. The modular design is really cool, too. I might go for a Rotor crank on my next bike, I really like running their oval rings on my mountain bike.

My kingdom for 110 BCD 5-bolt aftermarket 2X chainrings for AXS 12sp, that’s not CarbonTi.

I’ve had extremely good experiences using the Rotor No Q rings in 50/38 with Red AXS. Not officially listed as compatible but fault free running for over 30K. Does not seem to have any accelerated effect on chain life either and runs fairly quiet. It was the only thing I could find when I did the change in 2019. It does not seem as if the aftermarket will ever go into the 5 arm spider compatible rings. In a conversation with Rotor America I was urged to go to 110x4 as this is becoming the standard.

Latest update:
Received all the components needed to replace the failed attempt to use a Praxis crank and rings. Rotor Aldhu carbon crank arms, 4x110 spider and 30mm axle, and 50/37 AXS rings. Got everything installed and adjusted and took it for a 65 mile ride. Perfect function and quiet running. I’m just happy to see/find a company that is willing to make an option with a standard bolt pattern to allow the option to use something other than a SRAM crank.

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