Squats implemented in six days training week

I started using TR about 3 weeks ago. Now I’am in base plan (6 training days on a week/ about 10hr and one day for resting).
I want to do some exercises ( squats, dead lifts, and other). My questions is: should I shorten training days on a bike up to 5 days? Add one day for strenght exercises and stay witch one day per week with rest?
Or maybe stay with 6 bike days, put strenght training into one of the " light bike day"? And stay with one day per week for rest??

I would advise against putting your squat day on a rest day as you need those days to recover. As the saying goes, keep your hard days, hard and your easy days, easy! I would personally put the strength training the day before a rest day.

Depending on your goals, it would be advisable to have dedicated day for strength aswell, especially if it is your first time lifting weights, as the DOMs will lesson your performance when on the bike.


Thanks for Your suggestions. I Am quite experienced with squats. So I will consider this exercises into the day before recovery day.


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+1 The best option and at least 4hrs after your bike.

An alternative if that doesn’t work for you and if you’re lifting at maintenance level, is after a moderate or hard bike and before an easy bike day.

Hi there,

My recommendation would be based on what your goals are with the lifting. if you are lifting to develop strength with your base then doing 6 days a week plus lifting on a bike day might be too much for you to handle in terms of training stress that is gained during the week. If that is the case I would recommend that you implement 5 days a week of quality bike work and 1 day of the week is spent getting a quality lift in that is dedicated to making you stronger on the bike.

If your goal is more for maintenance you can get away with lifting and keeping to 6 days a week on the bike. It then comes down to if it is done on an easy day then you can lift first and bike second with at least 4-6 hours between sessions. If you are going to lift on a moderate intensity bike day then I would recommend that you lift second to the bike again with 4-6 hours between sessions and proper fueling.

Hope that this helps with your planning of your training.

I do intervals 2-3 times a week in the morning, after a rest day (or if it’s the 3rd interval day, it’s after an easier day as I have 2 rest days/week), and I do weights that night. You can get the most out of your intervals and the following day needs to be easier anyway so having the extra load of the weights on the same day kind of forces you to take the next day easier.

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