Sprinting Tips From a Pro – Team Clif Bar Racing's Pete Morris

I see both guys pulling the bars towards their top foot at the top of it’s power stroke and quickly switching to time the opposite side. Guess we need @Jonathan to make a video with Pete😉

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I 2nd the video with the techniques. The pulling & opposite leg thing is hard to understand. I tried but I don’t feel any toque from it & if you pull too hard you will crash for sure. To me it’s a pull with the opposite hand & push away with the same side hand.

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It’s more or less innate which always makes it hard to understand and break down.

It’s a leverage thing. You need to get over the pedal while standing and sprinting at high power. To do that the bike needs to get out of the way. So, as you push down hard with your right foot for example the the bike is “swinging” to the left to allow you to have your CG over the pedal. In this example I feel a of pressure on my right hand as the stroke progresses to help swing the bike.

When you transition to the left foot pushing down there is a unique progression of pressure you’ll feel from right to left hand as the stroke progresses to completion (say 6 o’clock).

I probably messed you up more and the best thing to do is go outside and get in a hard gear to push and do this in slowmo. As your right foot pushed down with a lot of torque see/feel what your hands/upper body is doing and how that moves the bike.


@Jonathan I was working on some of the techniques described here and was having a problem with my front wheel loosing grip or the line, and making me super unstable. Is this just me not having my weight far enough forward or some other likely cause?

I saw on the youtube video info pete’s height… I’m a bit heavier at 222 (aiming for 200) , but I’m a similar height at 185 cm… I was just wondering what size bike do you ride Pete?

I just went with a medium size ridley… everyone seemed to recommend i go with large… I’m glad I didn’t… coming from a 56 cannondale…
So anyways… I’m looking for other cyclists my height and body type to know what frame size they picked!


Yes the description is clearly wrong!! Think about it if you are pushing down hard work right leg and pull up with your left as suggested you will be falling off to the right I’m pretty short order !!