Sprinting before or after main workout?

So i’m on the sustained power build plan. I also would like to train some sprinting. Thinking about picking a short sprinting workout. Should it done before or after the regular workout?

I am not sure if you are training for specific event but specificy point of view sprinting usually happens in the end. E.g. I usually do few sprints at the end of Z2 ride. By doing it this way it should not hamper the main goal of specific exercise of the day and also trains the body to sprint when fatigued.

The peak power will be most likely lower after than before. Not sure if there would be more benefit for fresh sprinting for sprinting capacity. But atleast it can impact the rest of the workout negatively.

One option might be just do short sprint workout of few times e,g, 30s max efforts with few minute rests between the intervals.

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As far as I know:

  • If your main goal is sprinting power, do it before. Fresh sprints will be higher watts, and increase capacity. It will likely hamper your subsequent workout though!
  • If a higher sprint is a “side quest” you can get away with doing it after, when your main work is done. Caveat being that form and recruitment is super important in sprints. So if you feel like your previous work impacts these, don’t do the sprint! You don’t want to ingrain compromised muscle firing patterns by only ever doing fatigued sprints

As N=1 I tend to do it after workouts :wink: If I can’t touch 1200W peak I stop immediately though


Exactly! I know this, but…

This as well :slight_smile: that’s why i asked.

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