Spin down calibration during Ramp Test

Apologizes if this has been asked before but I didn’t find an answer when I did a search. I recently got a Kickr and have a Ramp Test scheduled for later today. Typically, I let the Kickr warm up for the first 10-15 min, during the warm up portion of the workout and then do a spin down calibration before the first set of intervals. With the Ramp Test, by the time I hit the 10-15 min mark I’ll be in the middle of the ramp. So what do you all do? Skip the calibration, do a separate warm up spin prior to the ramp test, something else? I’m leaning towards option 2 but wanted to hear some feedback. Thanks.


Just do a 10min easy warm up. You’re overthinking it.


Any setup and calibration just need to be done the same each time you test.

The important aspect is CONSISTENCY from test to test, so to them the same each and every time.

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