Specific saddle just for indoor training?

Just curious to see if anyone uses a specific saddle just for indoor cycling due to undercarriage discomfort, numbness, etc.

I have my set up 98% dialed in, but the endurance rides over an hour still get to me…

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I still have to do more work to finish this, but here is my guide for saddle issues.

In a perfect world, I’d say there should be no need for a different saddle I side. But there are lots of variables that may lead to that being a good solution.

I am experiencing the same type of issue, I am thinking of changing my saddle but outside its not an issue. I might look at other things first, although at a recent bike fit they did suggest I get a saddle with cut out and tilt it down a tiny bit more than I really should just for inside training.

It is all different due to the fact I am a woman in terms of specifics I think …

Interesting idea. I use an ISM Adamo and it’s great indoors or out. I used to have a Koobi that I really liked too.

Gotta protect the old prostate! LOL!
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One more vote for the ISM Adamo. Even though I also have numbness issues they only occur over an hour and if I do long threshold intervals like 10-20 mins a pop.