Specialized Tarmac SL7 or Canyon Aeroad

Aeroad spec is hard to beat for the price but from what I last saw the bikes were out of stock until Feb.

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Is the front wheel on the Canyon 60mm? I remember the AR58s on the old Aeroad were tough for me to ride with (65 kg).

Either will be fabulous. I’d suspect the Canyon will be marginally faster in most conditions, but I wonder if the Specialized might be a bit more fun.

I might also look at the Scott Foil. A mate has just got hold of one and is raving about it.

I’m glad I found this thread. I have a Cervelo S5, and it’s been fast and great. I had a crash and it got a bit of frame damage, so insurance said they would get me a new one or payout, in which case I could get an Sworks SL7 to replace. Question is, what to do? I’m not sold that the SL7 is faster than the radically aero S5, and I don’t know how much weight difference would really matter. Thoughts?

I would concur…and I don’t honestly know if Specialized even claims the Tarmac is faster than the venge, just that the difference is essentially negligible. I could be wrong on that…

It won’t unless you are finishing on your rides at the top of a hill.

Me personally? S5 hands down. Not even close. I think the design is sexy as hell and I totally dig the stem / HB.


I have both Canyon and Specialized bikes. They are both awesome pieces of engineering. I’ll be buying Specialized from now on though - my Canyon recently needed a replacement rear derailleur hanger that was unavailable for weeks. Having a LBS to interact with during this process would have been really nice.


Well, you raise a good point there. In a race, you’re often in the bunch, and I don’t got on too many solo moves. Now, I know that aero helps all the time, even in the bunch, but what about punchy climbs and accelerations, does the effect of the lighter bike add up there?

Might want to search the inter webs - there’s a lot of hype out there about the new Aeroad seat post having issues.

Nope…this is pretty well documented in the data.

yeah, I meant to mention that earlier. Haven’t read up on all the details but there is certainly a bit of a brewhaha getting stirred up.

Not sure if anyone watched Le Samyn today, but MvdP’s handlebars fell apart on his Aeroad at what looks like the joint they added to widen/narrow(en) the bars. He managed it but I would have ended up in the gutter :scream:

No, they failed in the drops, not where they are adjustable. Speculation right now is due to either an overtightened clamp and / or a non-standard band (DA spec is a Ti band apparently).

I stand corrected, you’re definitely right!

Seeing him try a one-armed lead-out was interesting

Right? Dude is a stud…soon as it snapped you could see him radioing back to the team car. He was clearly saying “OK, my HB snapped…I can’t go for the win, but I’ll ramp it up and lead it out for the team.”

Perhaps it was the handlebar after all

We’ll see…as I said on the other thread, this may be out of an abundance of caution given the high profile of the incident.

Either way, they are taking a beating on this new bike…first the seatpost and now this.

Have you seen the 2021 tour test?