Aeroad CF SL Disc 8.0 DI2 vs Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0 DI2 Aero 2019

I am looking to upgrade my Giant TCR 2 (2012) with a new Canyon. However I am undecided which one would be best for myself. I generally have an aggressive riding position, so I am swaying towards the AEROAD. However I am curious to know if people have decided for one model then went for the other and visa versa.

Being a member of Rapha I can test ride the Ultimate but not the Aeroad (unless i do a canyon day) so just looking for opinions on the two models from person experience.

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Go for the Aeroad. No real downsides in terms of handling, comfort or weight, and so you may as well have the aero benefits, however incremental they might be. Plus it actually comes fitted with decent tires, not crappy Yksions.

I’ve got the Aeroad, been very happy with it. A good friend worked for Canyon for a while and got to ride both bikes regularly, he went for the Aeroad as a result.

I’m putting Virttoria Corsas G+ on the new bike from the get go. I have heard the Aeroad is super stiff and unforgiving on the road for a avg cyclist. How does the Aeroad climb?

I honestly think that tires, saddle and bar tape make more difference to perceived ride quality than the frame does. I put 25mm tires on mine so that I can run slightly lower pressure. I’ve done rides over 200km and 5000m of elevation with no problem (well no problem with the bike anyway!). It’s certainly a stiff bike but for climbing I find that to to be a good thing in terms of transferring power. Ultimate is also pretty stiff!

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I’ve heard that the Aeroad is actually more forgiving than the Ultimate (I assume due to tube shape).

I picked the Ultimate over the Aeroad as I felt the it was just too long and low - I think its something like 15-20mm longer and 15-20mm lower for than already aggressive Ultimate. Also, I really don’t like the shape of the drops that Canyon spec on the Aeroad!

I’ve got no problem climbing with the aeroad but I prefer stiffness. My other bike is pretty noodly through the bottom bracket and I don’t feel very engaged. I like hanging out low anyway so that wasn’t a problem for me. Drops are a little weird, I find myself having to shift my hands around, either directly on the drops, or holding them like a gun so I can shift / brake, which isn’t overly comfortable…