Specialized new road bike launch today

Except I just bought one of those in the form of a Gravel bike with road wheels. So maybe a endurance geometry, but also wider clearance so one could put gravel wheels on if they wanted to?

That’s pretty much what I got with my T-Lab X3 and a set of Nox/Chris King wheels shod with 32mm Conti GP5000TL. It’s such a comfortable ride and I can swap back over to the Mavics and mix it up.

Am I missing something? People were talking about what might be announced and then no one saying what really happened

This was an official dealer announcement. It is presumably under embargo until some predetermined date before public release.

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There was supposed to be some kind of guerilla marketing launch for the bikes today with one of the Deceunick riders, similar to what they did with their eBike last year…dunno if it happened or not.

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It’s probably a new Allez Sprint. If it follows everything else they’ve done lately it’ll be disk brake only, even though its rim brake version is the perfect bike for traveling. :frowning:

Edit: Seems I’m mistaken. :raised_hands:

It is a completely new line of lightweight road bikes. See the link a few posts up.

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Rumors that Daniel Oss was on the bike today for the rest day…but haven’t seen anything definitive.

Thread on the Weight Weenies forum has some of the details as the link above…bike line is called Aethos, it is a ultra-lightweight bike, non dropped seatstays, etc.

Found this: http://www.velonation.com/Forums/afv/topic/aff/2/aft/2657.aspx

Top of the line is 13lbs with di2, disc brakes, non dropped seat stays as mentioned above. Enough clearance for up to 32mm tires. Frame weight: 588g for top end version.

Yup, as already linked above ^^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

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May have been a sarcastic comment…the post said something like “Interesting bike Oss was on today”…and his IG account shows him on a Harley.

My guess is it’s a new Venge :pray:

Sorry…it’s not.


Here’s the first look at the new bike!


It seems to be incredibly super extra lightweight - judging by the fact that a professional cyclist can lift it up with one arm!

Jokes aside, it’s a really nice bike. I love that there is no logo on the downtube. Normally I’m the first one to jump on the I want an integrated cockpit train. And I actually like the look of dropped seat stays. But this bike is a real beauty. Not that I will be tempted to buy one, but I appreciate the design!

Sorry for the double post, I just add all the remaining pictures here since they don’t seem to be on TikTok but just on Instagram ;).

Specialized during dealer launch: This isn’t a bike you will see at the Tour de France or under our pro riders.

Also Specialized: Here are some of our pro riders on the rest day at the Tour riding our new bike!!



Image from Specialized GB site but details link is broken?

A little bit of a misleading picture. Either they didn’t put cables on or they made the background so dark that you can’t see them. Also, a way to design an integrated cockpit - at least for pictures :lying_face:

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Non of the links on the UK website take you to any details. Wonder if the same rider weight limit is supported on the new bike. Being a heavier rider it’s one thing I always check for - it’s no good having super lightweight if its too fragile. Looks gorgeous though.